Local Marketing to Homeowners

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Local Marketing to Homeowners

How Local Marketing Continues to Change and Evolve

What to Consider if Your Local Marketing Goals are to Reach and Engage Local Homeowners

Many home contractors and local business leaders come to Social180 throughout the year needing help with local marketing to homeowners.  Why?  Because consumers, and specifically homeowners, are being marketed to in many new and innovative ways while their habits continue to change and evolve.  This challenges the small local business owner to continue to reach and communicate with local homeowners in a way that will result in the homeowner contacting them for their products and services.

What many local marketing campaigns lack is the integration of multiple forms of media to reach local homeowners.  Why is this important?  Because consumer buying behavior is changing more rapidly than ever.  For instance, a commercial comes on the television about toothpaste 10 years ago and the toothpaste company (Crest in this example) hopes that we remember the ad when we walk through he local grocery store.  Now let’s fast forward 10 years to today.  The same ad comes on television, yet our ability to begin engaging with Crest is totally different.  Now we use the iPhone, iPad or laptop we are on when we see the ad on television to lookup the toothpaste and decide before we ever go to the store whether or not it is worth it for us to get it when we are there.

Google worked with several of the largest marketers in the world to conduct a study that can be explained called the Zero Moment of Truth.  In this study, they found and explain how consumer buying behavior continues to evolve while consumers become more and more educated with easier and easier access to data.  For local marketing campaigns to homeowners, it is important that they experience value from the moment they hear your name all the way through their buying decision.  This make educational videos, blogs and other content very important and makes customer reviews and testimonials critical.

So what does this all mean and how can you adjust your local marketing campaign?  Let’s walk through one example. One local business owner who had done a decent job of Internet marketing with paid advertisements in reaching his audience to make the phone ring.  His challenge was converting these callers to customers.  After reviewing his local marketing campaign, we learned his paid Internet marketing ads were paid for at a premium and had little other cause other than to reach the local homeowners – nothing encouraging them for read their reviews online, review their blogs or connect with them socially.  Even a limited Call to Action (what the local business leader wanted the local homeowner to do – in this case “Call Us”) led callers to take action, but start with “how much” when the calls were answered.  After implementing a local marketing plan that incorporated educational videos, blogs and tips on their website and then integrating their website with social media and online directory reviews, not only were the callers more educated and pre-qualified when they called, but they also implemented more engaging forms on their website that increased inbound inquiries and revenues increased.

With the growth in mobile dependencies on iPhone’s and other mobile devices, consumers spend more and more time online on mobile devices.  Whether they are using Google Local+, OR Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, consumers review your local business more now than ever and the trends show this will only increase.  If you need help with making sure you are marketing effectively and efficiently to local homeowners or to learn more about local marketing for home contractors to engage and grow Raving Fans, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube or LinkedIn or give us a Call at 469-420-0180.