What Local Marketing Firms Could Learn from Wikipedia

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What Wikipedia Could Teach Local Marketing Firms

Many local marketing firms struggle with getting their clients engaged in marketing communication.  So if you can imagine the struggles they face with getting their clients’ customers involved and socializing online, its even more challenging.  Look no further than Wikipedia to learn a few things about local marketing.

Wikipedia – Top 10 Website Worldwide

First, it is important to understand Wikipedia and why it is one of the Top 10 websites in the world.  While Wikipedia is not the dictionary and it is not even the encyclopedia britannica, it is a very resourceful website for people inquiring about almost anything.  Why is this?  Because it is comprised of answers by people… people who are usually students, professors or professionals with experience in certain areas qualifying them to respond.  Wikipedia does a pretty good job of validating credentials and keeping non-qualified opinions eliminated or out of site.

People Contribute with No Financial Return

Second, Wikipedia is engaging.  Since it is so resourceful, facts are often debated as Wikipedia is looking for true, factual information and will eventually get to the most accurate answer for everything.  This means that many people contribute and debate facts with little if any return.  In fact, most of the return is the satisfaction of correcting something that is wrong.

Wikipedia Is Not Perfect

And finally, Wikipedia is not always 100% correct.   In fact, because Wikipedia is comprised of people sharing, it is definitely not perfect.  However, for the most part, it is accurate.  It is accurate because it is people sharing and eventually the answers come out through healthy engaging debate.

So what can local marketing firms and advertising agencies learn from Wikipedia?

Many ad agencies and local marketing firms spend much of their time and effort studying and finding new ways to engage the customers of their clients who are already active customers, yet they may be missing a few important aspects.  Does the client have their customers engaged?  Would their customers be open enough to share opinions and ideas?  Does the local business have a place or places where their clients can go to share and engage?

Wikipedia has done a great job of creating a place for people to share, engage, give opinions and debate, yet small business owners do not have the funds available to rebuild Wikipedia.  Local marketing firms can help by establishing these shared communities through social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linked and then integrating them with their website.

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