Local Marketing Campaigns

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What You Must Know Before Marketing to Local Homeowners

Some local business owners launch ineffective local marketing campaigns because they do not know the questions to ask or haven’t yet hire a local marketing company to help them. In other words, an advertising agency has led them down the road of spending money on something that may not be the most effective source of advertising to their local audience, so here are a few questions for you and your local marketing companies to focus on asking with your next local marketing campaigns.

Questions to Ask Before Local Marketing Campaigns

The first area to consider with local marketing campaigns is with the distribution of the advertising media. Depending on the type of advertising campaign whether it be direct mail, Internet advertisements, social media marketing or other, it’s important to understand the distribution and the frequency. For instance, if you’re running a direct mail campaign in a local market, you want to understand how many homes are you reaching, and at what frequency.

You will also want to understand the timing around that frequency.  If you’re focused on 50,000 homes and will be marketing for landscape construction service in Southlake TX, you’ll want to understand how frequently and when your direct mail campaigns will be going out.  Most landscape construction contractors would not likely want them going out between Thanksgiving and Christmas unless they happen to offer seasonal services like Christmas lights or irrigation system freeze protection.

Understanding the quantity of homes, the frequency and the timing of when the marketing campaign will be distributed are all very important.  Being able to control and influence all three of these can be very important as well with in your local marketing campaign.

Once you have the distribution determined and agreed upon, it is important for local marketing campaigns for you to know your competitors who may be a part of the same advertising campaign and marketing program whether it be a magazine advertisement or even a direct mail bundled source like Money Mailer or Valpak.  Knowing how many competitors and where they are placed in comparison to your local business is very important.  For instance, if you can get the front or back of a luxury home magazine, these spots are much better than mixed somewhere in the middle.

It’s not always bad to have competitors because at least in those environments you can ask for performance metrics from the advertising source. If you have two competitors in that local market and each is getting significant return on their marketing investment, then it only makes sense for you to consider to be the third provider or to potentially buy out one of their spots.

You will also want to understand the audience these local marketing campaigns are targeting and compare it to yours.  Who is the distribution actually reaching and how likely are they to need your services?  If it’s important for you to understand the home value, then you’ll want to know the average home value of those 50,000 homes. Identify what your key criteria are for reaching that audience. Is it home value, annual household income, marital status or is it something to do with the type of service that you offer? If you’re a full service swimming pool company, you’ll want to know how many of those 50,000 homes actually have swimming pools today.

Be sure to do your study work or hire a local marketing company to do it so that they can provide you this information to help you make logical investment choices.  After all, local marketing campaigns are investments for your local business.  For additional help with your local marketing needs, Call Social180 at 469-420-0180.