Six Questions to Answer Before Every Local Marketing Campaign

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Creating an Effective Local Marketing Campaign

Must Answer Questions for Your Local Marketing Campaign

Local Marketing Campaign Planning by Social180 in Southlake TX

For many local business owners, creating a local marketing campaign can be overwhelming at times – especially when you have limited marketing resources to help.  Many business owners work with local marketing firms at the beginning of the year to begin planning for the coming year with local marketing campaigns planned throughout the year.  Sometimes these meetings can take hours or even days to map out a marketing plan for the year, yet we have found it can be more effective if you start by answering these six questions.

  1. Who are your ideal future clients?
    Although this seems like a silly question when it comes to local marketing and one where everyone may believe they are in 100% agreement on the answer, you might be surprised when you ask your team, your local marketing firm or even when you look at your past clients to better understand them.  Often times home contractors may believe their ideal future clients are homeowners in $300,000 and above homes only to find that 60% of their business comes from homeowners in the $200,000 to $300,000 range.  While it may be important to continue to grow into these types of clients, you may not want to  abandon those very homeowners who have gotten you where you are today. So make sure you know as much about your ideal future clients as possible including age, sex, geography, household income, home value and any other criteria you can imagine.
  2. How would you reach or meet future clients?
    This goes beyond Internet marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, Internet directories and other web marketing.  In fact, it goes beyond offline marketing including direct mail, magazine ads, yard signs, wrapped vehicles, door hangers or even canvassers.  While these possible ways of reaching or meeting future clients, also consider nontraditional or more strategic marketing ideas like getting involved in the Home Owner Associations, setting up booths in high traffic areas like trade shows, home shows, etc.  You should consider where your ideal clients go and what your ideal clients do.  For instance, if you have a local gym in an area where many of your clients workout, it could be great to have a flyer and some business cards in a common area of the gym.  If you have a Fuzzy’s Tacos in your ideal future client’s neighborhood, you could also put a magnetic sign and some business cards there.
  3. What kind of gifts could you give a future client at little or no cost? 
    Many local business owners undervalue their expertise and do not realize how important their knowledge and skills are to their clients.  Therefore, many marketing firms tell them they need to discount their products and services to win more clients.  While this can be an effective strategy if your profit margins can afford it, it is not the only way to get your ideal future clients’ attention.  You can also offer gifts like guides, ebooks, videos, consultations and other similar offerings.  You might even offer to host an event on behalf of a future client when they choose you – open house or post project party.
  4. How should you follow up with your ideal client?
    This is often time the most challenging as local businesses do not always have the best systems and processes in place to communicate with their ideal clients.  With various forms of communication these days including home phone, office phone, mobile phone, email, SMS text, social media, voice messages and more, this one can be a tough one.  The idea here is to establish a system and process and then measure and adjust it as necessary.
  5. What qualifying questions should you ask each potential client?
    Many people get confusing with this one and think that this is only the local business qualifying the consumer when, in fact, it is as important to make sure you are qualifying your local business for the consumer.  For instance, for remodeling contractors working with a homeowner in a certain neighborhood who  wants an outdoor living area similar to some of the others in the neighborhood, if you have never built an outdoor living area in their neighborhood or even one like it, wouldn’t you think it would be important for you and the homeowner to share and understand this beforehand?  Absolutely!  So qualify yourself as much as you are qualifying the consumer.
  6. What action do you need to take to win the client?
    While this sounds easy, it is often overlooked until you have already committed a great deal of time and energy.  Make sure you are identifying what you both need to have happen for this to be a Win-Win.  What does the client expect and what do you expect?

While there are many other questions you can be asking before your local marketing campaigns, these tend to be six that can help expedite your thought process and help you achieve the results you expect from your marketing efforts.