Business Marketing in the Fall Months

In Marketing by JimBarker22

With Sunday officially beginning the Fall season, many homeowners and other consumers product and service interests change. Depending on the products and services your local business provides, Fall could be a great time to market certain offerings that might not be as suitable other times of the year.  It may also be a good time to plan your business marketing efforts for the holidays.

How Fall Months Affect Your Business Marketing Efforts

With all marketing efforts, the first place to start is with your clients and future clients.  Never lose sight of the fact that knowing them and their interests so that you can effectively serve them is THE most important.  So start by understanding what happens in their lives in the Fall months – kids are back in school, sports and other activities heat up, travel slows down until the holidays, lifestyles get back into a rhythm… you get the idea.  Think and craft your business marketing plans around these activities and consider what your clients are experiencing during Fall months.

Taking this a step further, many services you may offer are needed more in the Fall than other months.  For instance, if you provide any type of outdoor services to homeowners in Dallas TX, you know that many needs change.  Lawn maintenance needs shift from mowing to Fall foliage and keeping the leafs picked up and out of your pool.  So your marketing communication should be about these services.  Any blogs or social sharing should include educational tips and ideas around these areas.

While there are some common shifts in needs, never assume your clients know what needs to be done.  Help them by preparing them with communication ahead of time.  In the previous example, decorating the home for Halloween and Thanksgiving are important now and Christmas lights are right around the corner.  Consider a marketing campaign that reminds them of the needs for planning and gives them an incentive to schedule for these services ahead of time – this also helps with your scheduling and planning.

In summary, make sure you are always thinking about what is happening in the lives of your clients and future clients.  They are what should drive your business marketing plan throughout the year.  If you need help with your marketing plan so that your local business can Get Found, Communicate and Grow, contact Social180 at 469-420-0180.