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Creating a blog that attracts and keeps a following can be challenging, yet very important for a good, effective content marketing plan for a local business.  In this article, we share blogging tips to help a bloggers build a following and keep it.

Blogging TipsBlogging Tips to Build a Following

(1) Know your Audience – Before ever starting a blog, you must know your audience.  Who do you want to attract, for what purpose and what do you want them to do.  If your blog is a local business blog wanting to attract local homeowners, you must keep this in mind with every article.  The more specific you can make your audience, the better.  For instance, homeowners are different than home renters – especially if you are selling a service like remodeling, roofing or landscaping.

(2) Consistency is Important –  One of the more common mistakes we see bloggers make is sporadic blogging.  In fact, we often see blogs with no content added for months. While not necessary considered one of our blogging tips, this is possibly worse than ever starting a blog since people may have initially tuned in and then left for good.  The idea with blogging is to be consistent sharing stories, educational and entertaining information people will want to read and return to read more.  Blogging should at least be monthly and ideally weekly.  Once you get started with a business blog, stay consistent.

(3) Write for People – When writing a business blog for your audience, remember they are people.  Be as funny, warm and welcoming as possible.  Avoid writing with sophisticated words and make it easy to read.  Bloggers sometimes get wrapped up in the elegance of their wording to the point they lose their audience.  Avoid this mistake!

(4) Connect and Follow Other Bloggers – One of the more important, yet overlooked blogging tips we often share is to connect with and follow other bloggers.  An important thing to remember when blogging is that often times other bloggers can be a great source of promoting or advertising a blog. Get to know bloggers and recommend them to your bloggers as well. The larger number of bloggers you get to help support and advertise a business blog, the larger the number of readers you will attract to your own business blog in return.

(5) Share New Blogs Socially – We tend to take for granted sharing and often overlook it with blogging tips since most bloggers are socially engaged.  However, we sometimes see it overlooked.  Make sure you are syndicating business blog articles through your social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ at the very least.  You can definitely gain an added following through social media sharing.

(6) Don’t Be Boring – Be creative and fun with your blogging style.  Choose something fun and inviting that will catch your reader’s eye.  While many blogs are informative, some of them can be funny and engaging without having to be loaded with too much information.  One of the best blogging tips is to mix your articles up.  Make some of them funny, some of them educational and some of them controversial (yes, controversial).

(7) Stay in Your Area –  To ensure that your blog is taken seriously, write content in your area of expertise.  As one of the more common blogging tips, this is sometimes left out and keeps bloggers from building an authority in an industry making a blog more interesting and valuable.

(8) Include Images and Videos When Possible – Although blog articles normally attract readers who are capable of reading an entire article, many readers will not.  Make it easy for them to engage and get more information through images and videos.

(9) Link to Sources of Information – When your business blog references information from a 3rd party, make sure to link to the outside source and give them credit.  This could help you grow a more loyal, more engaging following since readers will appreciate you sighting the source of your information.  It may also help you gain following from the sources you are references and allow them to return the favor.

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