The 5 “Be”s of Excellent Web Content

In Marketingby Marc

design-3Creating excellent web content that catches the attention of your ideal audience involves more than meeting a specific word count with information about a particular topic. There is already so much information on the Internet that your web content has to be excellent if you want it to attract, engage, and retain the attention of your online visitors. It’s not enough to consistently create content anymore, your content also has to create value.

Be Original

First and foremost, make sure your web content is completely original, maybe even a little scandalous if you dare. If you are repeating the same information that can be found on several other websites and social platforms, you’ve already doomed your content to mediocrity (and by that nature, failure). Better to take a risk writing something original that states your opinion on a topic than to rehash safe conventional wisdom. In my opinion, there’s plenty of that out there already.

Be Clear

You will also want to make sure you proofread and edit with a diligent eye. Many readers find spelling and grammatical errors to be unforgivable, and some even consider them to be a reflection of your inability to communicate clearly. As a business, this can create a significant hill to climb from the first encounter. It’s worth the effort to make sure you write something that’s simple and clear.

Be Concise

Another thing you’ll be editing for is anything that isn’t necessary, because your readers want as much information as possible in a few words. Because the Internet allows people to obtain information in a matter of seconds, those same people typically only spend a few seconds scanning web content to determine if it is worth a deeper review.

Be Informative

The format of your information is also important. The use of headings and sub-headings will give your online visitor a high-level overview of what they can expect to find in your content, so you’ll want section headings to be attention-grabbing and meaningful. Perhaps the most important part of your web content, however, is the headline. Your headline is essentially your one shot at snagging the attention of your target audience, so it should be informative and enticing. Always avoid using vague or generic headlines!

Be Specific

Lastly, write to add value to your target audience, not purely for the sake of search engine optimization (also broadly known as “SEO”). While incorporating an effective SEO strategy is definitely important to your site’s page rankings, your web visitors are the true judge and jury when it comes to the value of your content. Excellent web content will get shared, linked, liked, referenced, and quoted. That is always infinitely more valuable than crappy content that ranks well for SEO purposes yet fails miserably with “human ranking”.

All that said, write, write, write. There’s no substitute for repetition when it comes to getting better. So keep these tips in mind, and keep writing. Before you know it, you will be dominating your category with a readership that loves to follow and share your solid advice!

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