MANIAC-T: T – Timeline

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This is the final post in the MANIAC-T qualification process. We’re concluding the series with the final letter in the process, the letter “T,” which stands for Timeline. While this might sound similar to “I”, Impending Event, Timeline is quite different in comparison. The two have their own advantages, and work together to complete a the process.

Let’s learn more about Timeline and how it can affect your qualified opportunities.

Timeline In MANIAC-T

While an Impending Event refers to an event coming that is requiring a decision, the Timeline is everything within the scope of the project. The timeline considers the entire calendar for the project to get the best results.

Timeline affects both B2B and B2C clients. Whether you’re working with a business looking to launch a new product or a client who is looking to renovate their home, both clients will have a strict timeline. You need to be able to work with that timeline and deliver results during certain benchmarks along the way.

Not only does knowing the entire timeline for your clients help your business, it also means better communication. You can alert your client of a big goal coming up and get their feedback in advance. Or if something needs to change, it will be easy to account for that when everyone is on the same page. This means no more miscommunication or missed opportunities.

Timeline In Qualified Opportunities

Any type of qualified opportunity is going to be more of a drawn out process than instant results, which means having time on your side. Rushing an opportunity creates the risk of losing the opportunity and having to begin the process all over again.

When you include overseeing the timeline to your process, everything is well-prepared from the start. You don’t have to worry about random changes, surprise budgetary constraints, or scrambling. Everything can work together and still meet the deadline.

This concludes the MANIAC-T series, but now the real fun begins! You can take this entire process and launch it into your own business to see improved qualified opportunity results. Each part is integral but you can still make MANIAC-T your own to best fits into your business and its culture.

Remember that qualified opportunities for your current and future clients are a two-way street. If both sides work together, you can end up with amazing results on any type of project. Your clients will definitely thank you!

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