MANIAC-T: N – Need

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Any great qualification process is going to want to discover the “need” the customer has when it comes to any of their projects. This is exactly where the “N” in MANIAC-T comes into play. In this part of the series you will learn just how important need can be to your qualification process.

The Need In MANIAC-T

Need is often termed “pain point” or way that the customer wants to get more value out of their project, goals, or benchmarks. Determining the need helps sales professionals determine the prospective customer’s desired result. This might be a business looking for a better online marketing firm to help them grow. It might be a homeowner needing remodel their home to accommodate for family growth. No matter the situation, sales professionals must understand the need before determining the solution.

Need is still prevalent when you already have a client you’re working with as well.  Too often, sales professionals get comfortable with a client and fail to work as hard to find their needs.  When everyone understands the need, everyone can work towards a solution.

For consumers, the same also applies. Everybody is looking for the best deal for their needs but still want some level of quality. A homeowner might have a need to replace their old windows to save on energy bills. Understanding this need could help a sales professional win the customer.

Discovering Need For Qualified Opportunities

Everyone has a need, whether you’re a business or homeowner. When you identify the need and show how your solution will address it, you will win more often than not.

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