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Through the MANIAC-T series, you will learn how the letters work together to create a better sales process. You can use this process to win customers.

To kick-off the series, we will be talking about the first letter of MANIAC-T: M for “Money.” Below you can learn more about how money can affect qualified opportunities.

Money In Lead Generation & Sales

While budget is important to make sure you don’t go out of scope with your project, money in MANIAC-T refers to something different. “Money” also helps you rule out leads that do not meet your requirements for what your company needs to deliver the best solution.

Your client has an ideal budget in mind when checking out your products or services. They could be the decision maker if you’re targeting B2B, or it could be a consumer looking for a product. Whatever the case, money is going to be one of the deciding factors. The client will want to spend that exact amount they have budgeted, or something close to it. It is also possible that they will want to find a service or product cheaper than the target budget.

So why would you try to sell your product or service to someone without the means to pay?  Negotiating may cause a stressful relationship.

“Money” In MANIAC-T

In MANIAC-T, money has to counted in the qualification process. With any project, the budget is important to understanding.

Think about it: if you don’t know the ideal budget how can you align yourself with your clients? Offering the right resources and budget amount to your ideal target audience translates to top notch clients and a streamlined process. Including money as an integral part of your qualification process takes the guess work out of qualifying leads.

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