MANIAC-T: I – Impending Event

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Next in the series about the qualified opportunity process known as MANIAC-T is the “I,” or Impending Event. Each letter in MANIAC-T represents a proven way to make sure all opportunities with customers or would-be customers are qualified and actually works for your business, no matter how big or small.

All projects have deadlines, but sometimes there are top priority due dates and events that should have a higher focus. This is the impending event, and it can be crucial for the reasons listed below.

Impending Event In MANIAC-T

Life in business is busy and often driven by deadlines.  This is why you need to know about impending events for your clients. While nobody can predict the future, it is better to prepare. If you already have the right information at hand your job becomes easier when it comes to qualified opportunities.

People and businesses have impending events at different times.  For businesses, they might include brand re-launches, relocations, expanding, or seasonal demands. For people, they might include job relocation, family visits, and vacations.

When qualifying a prospective new client, learn what is driving the decision to do anything.  You might find the deadline to be unreasonable or get to a yes or no quicker.

The MANIAC-T qualification process is here to help sales professionals and organizations shift their way of thinking about qualifying new sales, leads, and customers. There are still a few more letters to learn about in the process and how they be applied to your qualification flow, so stay tuned for the next article.

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