MANIAC-T: C – Competition

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The MANIAC-T series is almost over but there are still two more letters to learn about in this process. Today’s post is all about the letter “C,” or Competition. As the name implies, this includes all the competition your customers face on a daily basis, including a surprising aspect you may not have considered.

Read on for more about how Competition applies to MANIAC-T and the qualified opportunity process.

“Competition” In MANIAC-T

No matter the business, competition needs to be a top priority. People tend to invest hours of research on competitive analysis and strategy to beat the competition. MANIAC-T includes keeping an eye on competition and how it can affect qualified opportunities.

The focus of B2B clients will most likely be keeping tabs on their competitors, and devising ways to “outsmart” them, so to speak. This is where you can come in with certain services to show that you have their best interests in mind. Perhaps the client has a new product launching and needs help with research and understanding the market. Or, your client could be interest in testing out a different marketing campaign with a new target audience.

But competition goes beyond out-selling the competitors. There is one big pitfall many businesses fall prey to. Many businesses become so focused on the competition that they don’t get anything done. Not being proactive is just as much of competition to a business as the competing businesses. Even your own business needs to take this into consideration when applying MANIAC-T to opportunities.  Competition analysis is a two-way street.  You need to know your competition with every opportunity.

Competition In Qualified Opportunities

Being an agile business that doesn’t become too comfortable with current processes is important. If you are not continuing to achieve better results for your business, that can be worse than not paying attention to your competition. The same applies to your clients and qualified opportunities.

There is only one more post left in the MANIAC-T series – don’t miss it! You’ll want to read the whole series so you have a complete picture of how MANIAC-T can help with your qualification process.

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