MANIAC-T: A – Authority

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When qualifying opportunities for your customers or future customers, there is a certain process that you’ve used. But if you’ve noticed a plateau in those qualifiers or a drop off in your win ratio, then you might need to change your process. That is where MANIAC-T comes in. This is the an on-going series about each letter in the MANIAC-T acronym. In this post we’ll talk about the second “A”:  Authority.

In the previous articles, we discussed Money; Applications; Need; Impending Events; and now Authority, or the point of contact. Budgets are crucial for any company, and it should always be a top priority to make sure that everyone is on the same page. But it is also important to know who the authority is when it comes to final decisions on budget, and everything else involved with the project.

Authority In MANIAC-T

Communication is key for any business. The qualification process relies on good communication to better understand the target audience.  Sales professionals should understand how to provide solutions to their prospective customers’ pain points. To do this, they have to understand who has the authority to make the decision.

Authority in MANIAC-T often refers to the person who will sign the contract.  In a business, the person with authority might be the CEO or President.  For those salespeople selling to homeowners, it might be the husband and wife.

Understanding who has the authority and their decision-making process can be critical. Many sales professionals run long sales cycles only to learn the CEO chose someone they knew.  Most salespeople have learned this the hard way, so determine who has the authority early in the sales process.

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