MANIAC-T: A – Application

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Do you have the right resources to create qualified opportunities for your clients? This is a big question for any business, no matter the type of client. When speaking of a lead qualification process, this is where our first “A” from MANIAC-T comes into play: Application. This letter represents the necessary tools or resources you can provide to help your customers. Read below to see how Application interacts with the rest of the MANIAC-T process.

Application In MANIAC-T

The best way to think of Application is the process. Businesses have their own processes, such as lead generation or providing a service to a client. Those same internal methods also have their own tools and application that determine whether it will be beneficial to their clients.

Here’s an example: your client wants to do a marketing campaign focused on generating new leads for their business. They have decided the biggest focus of this new campaign is going to be funneling leads with Google AdWords advertising through a landing page. Are you ready to handle that work, and can you provide the best results possible for qualified opportunities? Apply your resources to the task at hand and you have created an application as part of MANIAC-T.

This is the same for both B2B and B2C clients. It just depends on your willingness to make it work. Even if you don’t have a current application for your customers, this is sometimes an opportunity to create one. Not only will it help your business grow, but you’ll have an easy-to-use application in the future for new clients. There doesn’t have to be any extra manpower or thinking involved. It will become second nature as you grow your arsenal of applications.

Application For Qualified Opportunities

Every opportunity, lead, and project benchmark are all important not only for the client, but for you as well. Having a foundation for strong applications can be important for qualifying new client opportunities.

The next letter in the series–N– will elaborate how you manage the needs of your clients to provide the best results.

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