Local Marketing with Pinterest

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Local Marketing with Pinterest

How Pinterest Helps with Local Business Marketing

Pinterest Local Marketing for Businesses by Social180

When Pinterest came on the scene in mid-2011, it grew a huge following of middle aged women who chose to share their interests in creative arts and crafts, home design, fashion, art, cars, travel and other similar interests.   Pinterest grew from a few thousand users to 11.7 million users in about six months (see Pinterest for Business Statistics) and currently boasts 2.2 million active daily users with roughly 80% women and the second highest amount of average time on site behind only Facebook.  Needless to say, Pinterest is likely the newest and most popular social media platform growing in following.  So what does all of this mean to local marketing?

Local business leaders are beginning to realize the significance Pinterest has in local marketing particularly with middle aged women who are most likely homeowners.  In fact, many custom home builders, home remodeling companies and interior designers are using Pinterest more and more to share their work with friends, family and customers who then share with their friend and family growing a following and an interest in their work.

One of the greatest things about Pinterest is it’s ability to share high-quality photography and link that back to your website helping build more web traffic to your website.  For instance, if you are a custom home builder in Southlake and wanted to share something on your website with a photo gallery, Pinterest is a great way for people to go on your website and share your pictures with friends and family.  When this happens, you now have a link built within a social community that can be shared by many.

Social180 on Pinterest

Social180 on Pinterest

So what does this mean?  One of the biggest challenges local businesses face in marketing online is understanding how to get people to their website.  Offering valuable content with pictures, blogs and videos could allow local businesses the ability of growing your online presence quickly.

One of the recommendations we often give our clients to share pictures is to create a photo gallery on your website.  When this happens and people go to your website and Pin your images, this allows friends, family and other followers to have a Pin button on their browser they can click allowing them to Pin pictures which then gets published to their Pin Board where their friends, family and others to see and share as well.

Recognizing the opportunity with local marketing, in October of 2012, Pinterest began offering company pages.  We expect much more to come in this area, but in the meantime, to learn more about local marketing, visit us on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn or call us at 469-420-0180.

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