Qualify Sales Leads with MANIAC-T

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If you’re looking for a way to invigorate your qualification process for new and prospective clients, your business is bound to benefit from qualifying sales leads with the MANIAC-T method. While it may sound a little strange, MANIAC-T is an acronym that boils down the entire process for qualified opportunities into something manageable that is easy for your sales team …

Sales Discovery: Buyer Styles

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Your success or failure in sales begins with the information you glean about the potential buyer the moment you meet. This data will aid you in defining the buyer’s style, or persona, so you can tailor your pitch to speak a language they understand. Buyers tend to fall into one of four categories, which have distinct tell-tale signs.

Qualification: Budget, Authority, Need

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Part of B2B selling involves qualification of sales opportunities. Qualification is necessary to determine your customer’s role in authorizing the payment of your products or services. You should determine this part of the sales process right away to make sure you are not wasting your time. The key decision-maker is not always the person you would expect To assess a …

Qualification of Sales Leads with Targeted Questions

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Just as the rise of digital commerce has transformed so many aspects of our everyday lives, it has also shifted the ways that business and sales operate. Whereas salespeople of the past carefully honed each sales meeting, the online access to both potential clients and buyers has made it ever more important to analyze the fit between them. In short, …

Lead Generation: How Networking Relationships might be your Best Source

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One of a busy business owner’s biggest concerns is always the growth of their client base. It may not be a constant, front-of-mind worry but it is always there. Any entrepreneur or CEO knows that at least part of their time every week, if not every day, should be devoted to activities which will increase their influence and potentially extend their …

4 Questions To Answer for Every Lead Generation Campaign

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Are you preparing to launch a lead generation campaign for your product or service? If so, you have probably reviewed some of the thousands of articles addressing these campaigns; encouraging you to generate, capture, evaluate, route, qualify, nurture, analyze and follow-up on leads. However, there are four questions you should answer before you begin any lead generation campaign.

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Handling Local Inbound Leads

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How Local Inbound Leads Handled Properly Create Revenue The Importance of Your First Impression with Local Inbound Leads Far too often local business leaders spend their local advertising and marketing budgets only to get a 20% to 40% win ratio for inbound leads (usually calls and web leads).  In other words, five calls generates one to two new clients or one …

Why Ineffective Lead Management Hurts Profitability

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Why Ineffective Lead Management Hurts Profitability The Importance of Lead Management with Marketing Campaigns How Lead Generation Programs Without Effective and Efficient Lead Management Can Hurt More Than Help As consumer buying behaviors and expectations continue to evolve, many local business leaders struggle with lead management systems helping them make sure that every new lead takes a potential client through …