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In Creative by Stephen Selzler

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When it comes to websites, we all know content is important, but your graphic design is equally as pivotal in your operations and ultimate success – it’s essential to an engaging and coherent brand experience. It’s what grabs the attention of your audience, conveys your company’s personality, and evokes an emotional response to your product or service.

You may be thinking, “That’s a great idea if a company sells sports cars, trendy clothing or high-tech athletic shoes endorsed by big name sports stars … but there’s nothing attention-getting and exciting about my business.” Although your business may not represent a slice of the most exciting pie in the bakery case, you still have an internal reality that needs to be shared. Creativity is more applicable to you – and other seemingly “uncreative” companies – than you may think.

The Importance Of Exciting Graphic Design

Let’s be honest: the more mundane your business is, the more you need exciting graphic design on your website. The internet is becoming more visual all the time. Now more than ever before, the customer’s first impression is created with their eyes. They need to visually engage with your graphic design before they can read content or click on a link. Good graphic design is even more important.

You may think this is all bad news for products and services that are not inherently exciting and flashy, but that isn’t necessarily true. The internet is full of exciting and engaging websites for less than exhilarating industries. Here are a few of them.

  • BP – The petroleum supplier has attention-grabbing, expansive pictures that command the attention of visitors. There is a ton of information on this website, but the first page has just enough text to encourage further interaction. The products and services page has a great set up too.
  • GE and GE Reports – The first one is General Electric’s corporate site. The second is their site that promotes brand awareness. The overall design is simple yet has plenty of visual interest, and uses movement to draw the viewer in. GE is a very diverse company that is involved in several less than glamorous industries. Engaging visitors is extremely important, and that is exactly what these websites do.
  • Salem Five Bank – The graphic design on this site is very effective. Finance can be a heavy topic. The stunning and full page background photos convey a sense of calm and beauty, feelings not normally associated with the financial industry. The single box encourages multiple types of interaction, while still being subtle and fitting in with the rest of the design. The page design is also simple and consistent throughout the site.
  • Zendesk – This company offers customer service and support ticket software. This site is a good example of using a unique angle to make your company memorable. Story telling videos appear in several places on the site. Since the site contains so much video, the otherwise simple graphic design makes sure it isn’t overwhelming. Lots of white in the background, consistent use of the same color scheme, and basic drawings add to the brand message of simplicity and ease of use.

Every business should have high quality graphic design on their website, no matter what type of industry they’re in. The successful branding and visitor engagement it creates will undoubtedly gain you some very loyal customers.

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