Vaquero Club


Westlake, Texas, USA / Golf Club & Community


Video Story Production
XXIIBrands helped Westlake’s famous Vaquero Club develop a collection of videos that showcase the lifestyle enjoyed by its members and guests.

The creative brief for Vaquero’s video ambitions revolved around the desire to attract more members to the club. Through various marketing efforts, the club wanted to capture the nearly magical experience the club and surrounding community are famous for – while at the same time preserving the rich history and privacy enjoyed by existing members.

XXIIBrands approached this brand story video project in a similar fashion to previous video projects in our past: experience the environment first-hand and allow the findings to influence the finished story. We were lucky enough to have access to the club and its amenities for a number of months to fully discover and embrace everything that Vaquero has to offer.

One of our favorite memories of the engagement was being able to spend our Fourth of July at the club, a by-invitation-only event for its members and guests. If there was a perfect representation of Americana secluded in a small hometown community during a bygone era, this would be it.

An element we were tasked with capturing was a story from an actual resident within the Vaquero community. This particular story revolves around a family that moved here in an effort to find a place that reminded them of the town they grew up in as kids, looking to afford that same lifestyle for their own young children.