Champions DFW Commercial Realty

Southlake, Texas, USA / Commercial Real Estate

Champions DFW Commercial Realty came to XXIIBrands with a desire to update, modernize, and standardize their brand. Being one of many specialty commercial real estate outfits in the Metroplex, they understood that they needed to stand out visually and speak with clarity in order to differentiate themselves within their market.

XXIIBrands worked to discover the main pain points that Champions DFW alleviates for their clients and crafted a holistic identity system that captures the essence of their mission, vision, values, and differentiation.

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About Branding

Your business’ brand is not just your logo. A holistic brand experience is a culmination of various touchpoints exposed en masse to others around you; from signage, print, websites, and social media profiles, to voicemail greetings, handshakes, and what kind of beverages served in your lobby. These experiences are then boiled down by your audience into both concrete and abstract feelings, thoughts, and actions that influence how they remember (and speak about) your company. This is the true essence of what a “brand” is and why it’s so important to make everything feel consistent, connected, and purposeful.

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