Coppell, Texas, USA / Logistics Company
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XXIIBrands helped Pegasus Logistics craft and deliver a website re-design, revitalized brand aesthetic, and updated strategy aimed at attracting rockstar employees hungry for a great corporate culture.

We worked to create a modern website with an emphasis on talent attraction and acquisition, consistent with the leadership’s vision to capture the attention of a prospective employee looking for a place to call home. XXIIBrands produced a variety of culture-centric video stories and marketing materials to help the new website maximize its effectiveness – whether it was facing a new client looking to know more about Pegasus or a logistics expert looking for a job.

About Brand Stories

We believe getting people on camera and crafting a cinematic experience around their story is only second to spending time with that person or team. Each brand’s journey is the culmination of years upon years of risk, struggle, dedication, commitment, and, finally, ultimate success. There’s something magical there.

There’s tremendous value in capturing stories for our clients due to how it transforms a brand into a more human form. It produces content that has elemental and universal meaning, grasping for an opportunity to connect on a more emotional level with an audience.

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