Responding to Web Leads

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Responding to Web Leads How to Convert More Web Leads to Revenue Studies on Responses to Web Leads and Effectively Following Up Since many local businesses continue to struggle with achieving the response times and expectations of local consumers needing their services, we decided to share some of the results from recent surveys to help these local marketers better understand …

6 Steps to Business Optimization for Local Marketing

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Business Optimization versus Traditional Search Engine Optimization The Difference in Business Optimization and Merely SEO for Website Optimization Search Engine Optimization better known by most as SEO has been a hot topic for the last few years as business leaders struggle with business optimization and how to get found by consumers seeking their products and services online.  Over the last couple …

Local Marketing via Social Media for Word of Mouth

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How the Internet and Social Media Marketing Help Social Media and Its Impact on Local Marketing via Word of Mouth For centuries, local businesses have used local marketing in order to grow their brand which has naturally led to “word of mouth” marketing from these local businesses.  For the last couple of decades, much has changed and many local business …

Choosing a Social Media Site for Your Business

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Tips for Selecting the Best Social Media Site for Your Business How to Know Which Social Media Site Will Best Serve Your Customers Social media has grown in popularity over the last few years and continues to change the way people communicate.  While social media marketing can be a valuable way for local businesses to grow and build loyal client …

Social Media is the New Word of Mouth

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How Social Media Marketing Has Become the New Word of Mouth Internet Marketing has Shifted to Social Media Marketing as the New Word of Mouth for Local Businesses As we work with many local business owners throughout Texas who share their struggles with growing and scaling their businesses while trying to figure out the magic formula to Internet marketing, it …

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Social Local Mobile and It’s Impact

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Social Local Mobile and It’s Impact on the World How Social Media Marketing, Local Marketing & Mobile Marketing Help Us Buy Understanding How Social Media Marketing, Local Marketing and Mobile Marketing are Changing How We Buy For the last ten years, we have watched the distribution and usage of mobile phones grow into mobile computing devices and reach the hands …

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Local Business Website Strategies

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The Importance of a Local Business Website to Your Business Success How Local Business Websites Have Become Increasingly Important for Local Businesses Many times business owners start their business without local business websites and build them within the first couple of months after they have incorporated, found office space, joined the local Chamber of Commerce and gained a couple of …

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Google Places Helping Local Businesses

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How Google Places Helps Local Businesses Grow The Importance of Getting Your Local Business Listed & Optimized with Google Places Industry studies show that roughly 70% of consumers using the Internet to research and/or purchase a product or service begin with Google search.  Often times local business owners ask how they can get found more often for their products and …

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Inbound Marketing versus Interruption Marketing

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Is Your Marketing Campaign an Invitation or an Interruption? What You Should Know About Inbound Marketing versus Interruption Marketing One of the greatest enjoyments we have at XXIIBrands is helping our clients get found, communicate, and grow their customer relationships.  All three can be challenging.  However, attracting customers tends to have more challenges than the others.  So many businesses believe …