Look for Reminders as You Grow

In Agency Lifeby Marc

We recently set out to capture a few video stories from some of our clients over the summer. It was a decided break from the old cliché about the “Cobbler’s Shoes”. Like so many others as we’ve built our own business, it’s been all too easy to get caught up in serving clients that we often neglect our own needs.

A 3-year milestone was a fitting reason to spend time reflecting with a handful of our clients, and it was an awesome experience. There’s always something special about the opportunity to capture a story on video. We also knew it would be good for us to “drink our own champagne”, but we had no idea just what a blessing it would be to our souls along the way.

Clients blew us away with their eagerness to share such encouraging words. In fact, we even had to fight back emotions a few times just so we could keep our eyes dry enough to see through the camera lenses.

It ended up being a unique opportunity to recognize God’s provision in a tangible way, and to thank each client face to face for their trust in our work. While we are often too eager to take the credit for creativity, we know that the ultimate creative is our Creator. His faithfulness was very evident through this process.

In this video, Bobby Harrell, Partner of Terra Manna Land Management in Southlake, TX shared some of his thoughts. We were so appreciative when Bobby acknowledged our team and creative process, but we never anticipated what happened at the end of our shoot. As we fired off our last question and he so readily answered, I may never forget what Bobby said next, “Wait, keep the camera going. I want to talk about one more thing…” That’s when he made the most powerful statement of the entire interview. He remembered our commitment to prayer. We had no idea that it had ever made any impact on him until he chose to share so openly, completely unsolicited. We appreciate the opportunity to serve their company, and owe a debt of gratitude to Bobby for such encouraging words.

I know that we will face many challenges as we continue to grow, and I believe we will even lose sight of our real purpose at times. But, I am so thankful for the experiences God has provided us to this point, and we will treasure this video story as a testimony of His faithfulness.

We will continue to pray for our clients and their families, and we hope you’ll join us in doing so. Thanks for reading and watching.

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