The Importance of Celebrating Your Anniversary

In Agency Lifeby Marc

social180 teamWe launched a little over 3 years ago to help build brands that “Get Found, Communicate and Grow”. Over 50 clients and two office expansions later, we are celebrating this anniversary with another year of growth and reflection on our core values. We moved into our current Southlake office in September 2011, after just a few months of working in shared public spaces. The most notable of those being the Grapevine Public Library.

Because we believe it’s so important to remember all that has happened and reflect on the many blessings we’ve experienced so far, we took the time to go back to the library for our Monday morning meeting this week. While not everyone on our team could be there in person to do this, we did list our clients on the whiteboard wall and pray blessings over them.

Each anniversary has brought additional clarity. When Jim and I started Social180, we knew we shared a common purpose, and we saw lots of confusion creating growing needs in the marketplace. Since that time, we’ve worked a lot of hours and spent a lot of energy building a team aligned to the vision of serving clients with excellence. Our team has a heartbeat to serve people, and we love finding opportunities for improvement through the growth challenges many business owners face.

With the word “social” in our name, people are the focus – business happens between people, and people are social. The “180” not only represents a change in business results, but also points to perspective on “why” businesses do what they do.

Along the way, many of our clients needed to “do a 180” to look back at why they started their business in the first place. So often their story started with a desire to serve customers in a better way. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the daily challenges and tasks, and find ourselves lost in the grind of leading a business. Remembering is important.

The more we remember, the more we tend to stay focused on why we exist – that’s to serve clients with heart, creativity, and excellence that makes a positive impact in their lives. That focus helps us lead, encourage, and challenge our clients to clearly identify their own purpose as part of improving their brand messaging.

Focusing on serving clients with heart, creativity, and excellence has been good to us. We’ve helped many of our clients with some combination of branding, web design, social media, photography, content marketing and several other ongoing services. We say it all the time around our office, “Little things make a big difference.” Many of our clients just need a little help connecting the dots, and want to know the people serving them have their best interest in mind. We are grateful for our clients.

Several of our clients agreed to film their testimonials about our work over the last couple of week (we’ll be sharing these over the next several weeks). On multiple occasions during the filming, we were deeply moved by the words they chose to describe us and our work. Looking back helps us recognize how faithful God is and how generous He promises to be…and that is the most important reason we have to celebrate our anniversary.