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Colossal Fails of a First Date: Tips for Building Strong Customer Relationships

In Leadership & Strategy, Sales by Tiffany Hernandez

All good business owners know and understand the value of impressing potential customers and clients. After all, the success of any small business depends on customer relationships, and you invest a lot of time and money to create, build, and maintain them. The right marketing strategies make it easier to reach your target demographic and appeal to their interests. But …

Customer Relationship Management: 7 Powerful Reasons to Consider It

In Marketing, Sales by Marc

Experienced business leaders know that two pillars of a successful business are finding and retaining customers, and growing the business sustainably. In fact, the two very much go hand in hand. No matter what size your business is, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of having a customer relationship strategy. Have you ever lost important customer contact information? Have …

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Five Social Media Habits for Effective Sales

In Sales by Marc

Use Social Media for Sales In an increasingly digital age, it is important for both large and small business to create and maintain an online presence. Social media has become a hot spot for marketing products and services. Learning how to use social media for sales has been a back and forth for some time now as companies try to …

5 Discovery Question Categories

In Sales by xxiibrands

It’s sad to say, but not every inquiry into your products or services will mature into a win. Knowing when it’s time to cut bait and move on is the key to your success. Every second wasted is not only wasting your time, but delaying your next client from time spent with you. Asking the right discovery questions is important. …

Sales Discovery: Buyer Styles

In Sales by xxiibrands

Your success or failure in sales begins with the information you glean about the potential buyer the moment you meet. This data will aid you in defining the buyer’s style, or persona, so you can tailor your pitch to speak a language they understand. Buyers tend to fall into one of four categories, which have distinct tell-tale signs.

Qualification: Budget, Authority, Need

In Sales by xxiibrands

Part of B2B selling involves qualification of sales opportunities. Qualification is necessary to determine your customer’s role in authorizing the payment of your products or services. You should determine this part of the sales process right away to make sure you are not wasting your time. The key decision-maker is not always the person you would expect To assess a …

Lead Generation: How Networking Relationships might be your Best Source

In Sales by xxiibrands

One of a busy business owner’s biggest concerns is always the growth of their client base. It may not be a constant, front-of-mind worry but it is always there. Any entrepreneur or CEO knows that at least part of their time every week, if not every day, should be devoted to activities which will increase their influence and potentially extend their …

4 Questions To Answer for Every Lead Generation Campaign

In Sales by xxiibrands

Are you preparing to launch a lead generation campaign for your product or service? If so, you have probably reviewed some of the thousands of articles addressing these campaigns; encouraging you to generate, capture, evaluate, route, qualify, nurture, analyze and follow-up on leads. However, there are four questions you should answer before you begin any lead generation campaign.