5 Discovery Question Categories

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It’s sad to say, but not every inquiry into your products or services will mature into a win. Knowing when it’s time to cut bait and move on is the key to your success. Every second wasted is not only wasting your time, but delaying your next client from time spent with you. Asking the right discovery questions is important. …

The Importance of Mirroring in the Discovery Phase of Sales

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The ability to facilitate and maintain strong communication between a seller and a buyer is key for securing and retaining clients. While there are other crucial sales tactics, there is no question that mastering communication will take your sales to the next level. Creating an environment that allows you to engage your buyers will spur meaningful conversation and drive consistent …

Sales Discovery: Buyer Styles

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Your success or failure in sales begins with the information you glean about the potential buyer the moment you meet. This data will aid you in defining the buyer’s style, or persona, so you can tailor your pitch to speak a language they understand. Buyers tend to fall into one of four categories, which have distinct tell-tale signs.

4 Reasons Territory Management Is Important for Local Lead Generation

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Sales is about good relationships built on trust and familiarity, with sales reps and the products they represent. Building those personal relationships creates more efficient local lead generation, which leads to more sales. Local Lead Generation Creates Strong Ties Effective territory management is the bedrock that creates better local lead generation. In today’s world of  global marketing it is important for you to keep your …

How to Create an Elevator Pitch

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Steps to Create an Elevator Pitch An elevator pitch is a brief summary used to spark interest in a company’s products and services.  The term elevator pitch relates to being able to share with someone what your company does in the time it takes to ride in an elevator.  Often used by sales and marketing teams, elevator pitches should be …

Qualifying Opportunities in the Sales Process

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In order to grow, businesses need to build, nurture and maintain a healthy pipeline of opportunities with clients and prospective clients for their products or services.  However, many people create unnecessary stress throughout the process believing that the only reason anyone chooses their product or services is because they like them when, in fact, the need for the product or …

Why a Sales Process is Critical for Business Growth

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One of the most critical and overlooked processes for business growth is the sales process.   Every business needs to understand, document and implement a sales process in order to serve customers with excellence.  In fact, a business without a marketing and sales process is doomed for failure.  In this article, we discuss why a sales process is so important …