Marketing | May 1, 2019

Small Web Tweaks That Make a Big Difference
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You paid a lot of money for your business’ website. You picked the colors, designed the layout and painstakingly wrote every word of copy. Maybe you even hired the services of a branding and marketing agency. You waited for customers to come clicking in droves and spend their hard-earned money on your products or services, but so far … nothing.  Where’d you go wrong?

Having a website is great, but the fact that it simply exists isn’t enough. There’s a strategy behind why websites look the way they look, use the words they use, and flow in a particular direction. Inactive sites won’t help you meet your sales goals, keep customers or grow your business. If you’re worried your website may be underperforming, it might only require one of these easily doable website design solutions.

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Keep it User Friendly

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When someone encounters your website, everything should work cohesively to create an enjoyable user experience. In this day and age, it’s essential to optimize your site for mobile use. Site mapping should be logical to your visitors, allowing them to easily know where to go to get what they need. If it isn’t obvious, most people won’t bother looking around, they’ll just move on.

Want to ensure your website is easy to use? Pay attention to these key user-friendly indicators.

Website Navigation

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When it comes to website design, navigation is arguably the most crucial component of your site’s usability. This means that detailed planning up front is essential, but will pay literal dividends with future sales. Menus and buttons should be easy to see and find. What they lead to should be obvious, and extra clicks should be avoided.

You want to be sure not to overwhelm your visitor with too many navigation labels. When people get overloaded with choices, they tend to not make any. This could end up costing you potential leads. The labels you do choose should include keywords or phrases that answer the question your visitor is asking, providing them with a clear pathway through your site.

Colors and Fonts

You want your company’s brand to be easily recognized in your website design. One of the best ways to do this is to keep your colors, typography and content consistent. Inconsistent fonts and colors can overwhelm, drive away potential leads, or cause confusion, leading visitors to think they’ve stumbled onto a different website.

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Pay attention to your fonts, including copy, headings, navigation menus and buttons. Your website design should be consistent and aligned with your branding. Font sizes should be easy-to-read on both a desktop and mobile device.

White backgrounds are still the top performers when it comes to website design. The contrast is easiest on the viewers’ eyes and provides clarification. And don’t be afraid of strategically placed negative space — it can direct visitors’ focus.

Get Started

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When a website requires users to click through multiple pages, it can create confusion. Scrolling a single page instead of clicking and loading separate web pages is a faster, simpler way to offer clear information.

Where things are located within your site also matters for search engine optimization. If site crawlers have a harder time locating information, it could hurt your search ranking.

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Create Engaging Content

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Visitors engage with online content differently than they do when they read a book or the side of a cereal box. Formatting the way your text is presented on a screen impacts the user’s response. Short paragraphs, strategic spacing, lists and headings all play a role in organizing your message into an easy-to-receive presentation.

The quality of the content is important, too. Blog posts, product descriptions and videos should be engaging and easy to understand. You want your message to stand out, so clear away complicated explanations, wordiness, rambling and unnecessary details.

Meet Customers Where They Are

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More and more people are viewing websites on mobile devices. In fact, since late 2016, mobile search has accounted for more than half of organic traffic. And it’s still growing. With the overwhelming popularity of smartphones and tablets, why risk excluding potential customers?

You want to be available to customers no matter how they choose to connect with you, and sites formatted for desktop-view only can be extremely frustrating for visitors. Pages that don’t load or navigate properly drive potential customers away faster than anything else. Make sure you’ve positioned your site to reach users in multiple formats so that they can receive your message and quickly find answers to their questions.

Maintain Your Website

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If you can’t remember the last time you made updates to your website, it’s probably time for a thorough audit. An outdated site sends the wrong message to your visitors and unnecessarily drives away business.

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Make Content Relevant

The messaging used within web copy strategically guides your customers through the sales process and should be updated to reflect their changing needs and your growing expertise. Outdated content gives the impression you aren’t as knowledgeable as you say you are, which damages trust.

Update Your Photos

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Ever looked through old photos and had a laugh about the clothing or hairstyles? You may or may not be in the beauty or clothing business, but an outdated photo can communicate a lack of understanding. If you want to demonstrate leadership within your field, outdated pictures won’t help. It also makes customers think you don’t care about your business. Whether it’s stock photography or photos of products, make sure your images are bright, clear and current.

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Keep Information Current

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Imagine what you would think if you went to Apple’s website for information about the latest iPhone, but instead found specifications for the original version. Not only would it be completely unhelpful, it wouldn’t encourage sales of the products customers actually want and need.

Be sure to take regular inventory of your site for outdated information. Not only will this improve your visitor’s experience, but also positively impact your SEO ranking.

Interact With Your Audience

Your website design should make it fast and easy for audiences to engage and connect with you. A traditional contact page should definitely be included within your navigation, but don’t be afraid to try new tools and technology to form a connection. From live chat services to pop-up surveys, getting personal with your potential customers makes a difference in their perception.

Website design and maintenance was likely not on your mind when you were dreaming of starting your business. But neglecting it will cost your company. However, you don’t have to take everything on yourself. Hiring a professional to handle day-to-day tasks keeps you focused, allows your business to run efficiently and inspires return visits from your customers.

Improve Your Website

The design of a website can make or break its performance and the way customers view your business. But don't just take our word for it. Check out some of our work to see how good web design can benefit your site.