Leadership & Strategy | January 11, 2016

7 Daily Habits of Successful People

One question frequently asked by people of all ages and backgrounds is: What makes successful people successful? An allure surrounds those who have achieved goals and seem to be able to get it all done, and many want to learn the secrets they seem to possess. The truth is there really is no secret, but rather a set of habits that allows for better focus and motivation. The recipe for success is there for everyone; all you have to do is incorporate the right habits into your daily life. Here are 7 common habits of successful people.

Habit #1: Focus on Body, Mind and Spirit

Before you can succeed in work and personal goals, it’s essential to invest in yourself. Successful people exercise regularly, eat well, get enough sleep and take care of their appearance. It doesn’t take much—you don’t have to run 10 miles in the morning, 15 minutes of jumping jacks will do. Shower and wear things that make you feel confident, and clear your mind with a short meditation before you fill it with the day’s tasks. The same is true at night. Let go of any of the day’s worries and create a healthy bedtime routine.

Habit #2: Plan Your Day

After you’ve taken care of yourself, you can focus on what you want to accomplish each day. Lists are an important tool for successful people. Set reachable goals, and prioritize what needs to be accomplished. If you know a meeting or project will be intense, schedule a ten minute walk or break afterward so you can revitalize. The better you get at planning, the further you can take it, and the more you’ll get done.

Habit #3: Get the Big Things off your Plate

Whether it’s early in the day or early in the work week, get that large, looming task off your plate when you’re fresh and have the most energy. Procrastination often leads to energy drain and stress, which in turn can be a roadblock to success. Believe in your abilities, and trust that you can get it all done. You can, especially if you take on the tough stuff first.

Habit #4: Visualize Success

Taking a few minutes each day to visualize positive outcomes and what success looks like for you goes a long way in helping you achieve it. It’s a simple way to keep your spirits up, and the motivation flowing.

Habit #5: Practice Forgiveness and Empathy

Kindness and compassion are not weaknesses—they’re tools that free up “headspace” for more important things. When you walk around holding a grudge or judging others, you’re spending a lot of extra time and energy not doing the things that can lead to success.

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Habit #6: Balance Your Life

Successful people understand the benefits of play and family time. Technology makes people accessible 24/7 to their work. Be smart about not falling into the trap. By giving yourself time to do things and be with people you love, you’re recharging your batteries.

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Habit #7: Repeat What Works for You

No two people are the same. Adapt and personalize habits to fit your lifestyle, and keep doing the ones that work for you.

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