Leadership & Strategy | May 15, 2017

Remind Customers of Your Personal Interest (in THEM)

In a world of interacting and purchasing things online, business relationships can often seem a little impersonal. Make that extra effort to humanize the relationship and remind your customer that there are real people in your organization who care about their needs.

Let’s talk about some of the great ways to create the kind of experience that will delight your customers and inspire their loyalty.

Handwritten Notes

There is a reason this one is on top of everyone’s list. In the digital age, a handwritten note is rare, so it really makes an impression. When you actually take time to personally acknowledge a customer, it makes them feel appreciated, happy and so good they’ll let everyone know.

Thank you notes are most common but a post card, holiday card or just a note to check in would be fine too. Use quality stationery, mention their name and be specific about why you’re writing and what you enjoyed about your meeting or conversation.

Give It Away

Everybody loves free stuff, especially random free stuff. “You get a car. You get a car. You get a car.” Just kidding, it doesn’t need to be that extreme.  But, random gifts of kindness will certainly make your customers happy and inspire kindness in return.

Cookies or other treats can make a good gift or thank you. Gifts can be given as congratulations, thank you, or for birthdays or holidays. Handing out goodies or swag will not only delight your customers, but gives you an extra reason to check in with them too.

Remember Important Dates

Your client’s birthday is a biggie. It’s practically their own personal holiday! Other reasons to celebrate might be their anniversary with the company, their anniversary as your customer, or an important company milestone. It makes a great opportunity to send those handwritten cards and gifts.

Follow-Ups and Check-Ins

These follow-up don’t have to be formal or flashy, but send an email at minimum. If you can do something more unique and creative, go for it. It will be far more memorable!

Check on new customers, follow up with people you’ve met at an industry event, or thank customers for attending your event. Follow up with a customer that just placed a big order to thank them or one that made a purchase where a future upgrade or additional purchases are likely.  If you can follow up in person, even better.

Likewise, make sure to occasionally check-in with your existing customers when you aren’t trying to sell them anything; do it just because it’s the friendly thing to do.

Retweet Your Customers

You probably follow at least some of your clients on social media (if you don’t, you should!). Periodically retweet or share their posts- it shows you’re listening and respect what they’re saying.

Recognize Unique Opportunities

Keep your eyes open for that perfect time to surprise someone. Your gesture will be that much more meaningful when they aren’t expecting it!

Personal touches will delight your customers. When they feel valued, they will reward your efforts with long-term loyalty.

First Impressions

Delighting your customers starts with the first impression. Here’s what matters and some tips to help improve your first impressions.