Leadership & Strategy | October 12, 2015

Have the Holiday Party You’ve Always Dreamed Of
xxiibrands bowling night

The xxiibrands™ team at our recent bowling night.

Almost everyone has been to at least one awful holiday work party. You know which one we mean – the one that seemed like it would never end, where you couldn’t think of an excuse to leave fast enough. A holiday work party should be an event where your team can mingle, relax, and have fun together outside of the office.

Unfortunately, this can’t happen if your employees don’t want to go. Think outside the box with these fun and creative ideas, and throw a holiday party your employees can’t wait to attend.

Halloween Parties

Halloween isn’t just for kids. It’s the perfect opportunity for adults to get silly, have fun, or transport back in time!

Back in Time Take your employees back in time to the roaring 20s with a Great Gatsby themed holiday party. Mingle in classic 1920s attire while sipping retro cocktails. A 1960s “Mad Men” Bash will have your employees looking like their favorite “Mad Men” characters and drinking Don Draper’s signature cocktail, the Old Fashioned. For even more options, here is a list of classic Mad Men-era cocktail recipes.

Dance Party A 1950s sock hop with poodle skirts and greased hair hosted by the cast of Grease is sure to spark interest. If that doesn’t get things shakin’, bring in the cast from Saturday Night Fever and have a 1970s disco ball. A 1980s dance party with leg warmers and big hair rocking out to Madonna and Cindy Lauper will have your employees dancing through the night.

A Masquerade Ball Who doesn’t want to be the Belle of the Ball? Make it a black tie affair or a color-themed ball and dance the night away. Give awards for the most creative mask, and have everyone reveal their identity at the end of the night.

Fall Harvest Parties

In addition to Thanksgiving, this is the time to celebrate the fall harvest and the changing of the seasons.

Farm-to-Table Potluck Have your employees bring an autumn dish made only with fresh, local ingredients. This helps support local farmers and the community while challenging your employees to try something new. Include an ingredient and source list with each dish.

Fall Harvest Dinner Invite your employees to a formal holiday party that highlights in-season fall ingredients. This could be a Thanksgiving-style dinner or a basic autumn-themed dinner. Decorate the tables with gourds and fall leaves.

Winter Holiday Parties

Winter lends itself to many different themes and holidays – Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year’s Eve. Regardless of the theme, these ideas are sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Decorate with red flowers and decorations. Have your employees wear red and serve red foods – red velvet cake, red punch, red cookies. During the party, decorate the company Christmas tree with company-supplied decorations or have each employee bring an ornament to add to the tree.

Winter Wonderland Whether it’s snowing or not, create a magical winter wonderland. Use fake snow, ice sculptures, and white garland to decorate. Have your guests wear white suits and white dresses for a formal winter ball.

Ring in the New Year Host a New Year’s Eve bash and ring in the new year with music, food, and party poppers. Make this a fun and festive occasion where everyone can say goodbye to the old, and hello to new possibilities.

No matter which idea you choose, we at xxiibrands™ hope you enjoy celebrating the holidays with your team. Happy partying!