How To Define Leadership

In Leadership & Strategyby Marc

A Leader Has a Clear Vision for their Business.

As a small business owner you wear a lot of hats; owner, entrepreneur, and leader. People are always trying to define leadership but in its simplest terms leadership is the art of gathering a group of people around a common goal and setting a course to achieve that goal. Does that describe you?

Every day your employees will look to you to give them some guidance as to how best serve your customers and benefit your business. How do you define leadership?

There are five core skills that define leadership. How many of these do you have?

Have A Plan

It is one thing to set a goal, but it is another to be prepared to pivot if that goal does not materialize. Real leaders play chess, not checkers. They are constantly thinking three and four moves ahead.

What happens if the price of a key commodity spikes because of some global economic factor? What happens if a supplier goes out of business? What do you do if an employee decides to walk out in the middle of his shift? A true leader has planned for all of these circumstances or is able to adapt to changing situations.

Have A Vision

A leader has a clear vision for his or her company. A clear vision cuts through all the nonsense, inspires, and is constantly in mind. You can define leadership by the size of the vision.

If you do not currently have one yourself, take the time to create a vision statement for your organization. This should embody all of your dreams and goals for your company. Sit down and put pen to paper. Fix your true vision for your company. 

Share Your Vision

Once you have developed your vision, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with your entire company. Get everybody on board. Make sure every single person is focused on the same goal.

Sharing your vision will not only inspire others but it will also strengthen your own commitment to your vision. This is how your employees will define leadership.

Take Action

Your employees will be watching you to see if you really believe in your vision. Do you just talk the talk or do you walk the walk?

Lead by example. When your employees see that you are abiding by the rules and guidelines that you have set for the entire company, they will have no excuse and will step up themselves.

Live your vision every day. No matter how you define leadership, this one thing is extremely important. Do at least one thing that will get you and your company closer to your goal. 

Inspire The Masses

There is no doubt that you could name at least three people who inspire you. Their accomplishments and actions have been an example for you and may have been the reason why you started your business in the first place.

Be a shining beacon for your company. When you lead by actions you will certainly inspire others to follow your example.

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