Leadership & Strategy | January 9, 2017

Building Bridges: Aligning your Sales and Marketing Teams
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Friction between work teams is not uncommon. However, bringing teams together is one of the most beneficial steps a company can take toward improving productivity. Below, we’re sharing three steps to unify sales and marketing teams in the new year.

Know the Purpose of Each Group

The conflict between the two teams is often caused by organization leadership and outsiders getting the two confused. In reality, sales and marketing teams are two different groups with distinct responsibilities. Outlining the differences can help every individual know where their responsibilities end and where those of their coworkers begin.

The role of the marketing team is to draw the attention of potential customers. Those in the marketing department should be familiar with the services or products and ready to drum up interest from an audience. With tools like online videos, blogs, and social media, the team can reach a large audience with every message.

After the initial interest is there, the sales team comes into play. Those on the sales team work with customers on a one-on-one basis. Members of the sales team can answer questions, fill in the gaps, and persuade customers to follow through on the buying process.

Define Clear Goals

After outlining the expectations for each team, you can set goals for them to reach. Each group should know exactly what milestones they’re working toward, with the expectations clearly outlined. When details are unclear, it will lead to confusion, which will quickly turn into conflict between teams.

The key to setting goals for individual teams and the company as a whole is to have a way to measure success. Let everyone involved know exactly what will be measured and how it will be measured. Be clear about expectations so that every team member knows exactly what they’re working toward. Rewarding goals will help keep the teams motivated.

When working toward alignment, explain to both the sales and the marketing teams how working together can help reach goals.

Unify Sales and Marketing

The teams have their separate responsibilities in line and a clear list of goals has been set. The only thing left to do is to bring the teams together. The best way to align two groups is to give them a common mission. For most companies, the mission for these two groups is to create a larger customer base, resulting in increased sales.

Work to unify sales and marketing by bringing the two groups together for trainings, workshops, and planning sessions. Offer the space to brainstorm new ideas and encourage creativity in planning. Over time, the two groups will begin to share a language, develop ideas together, and work toward common goals.

While the goal of unifying sales and marketing teams is important, it’s one that takes time. Give your teams time and space to work together and support their new ideas for reaching milestones.

Set Some Goals

Get your whole team on board with your goals for 2017. Need help defining those goals? Use our free goal-setting template.