Social Media Marketing for Your Local Business

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How Social Media Marketing is Helping Local Businesses

Business Owner Tips for Social Media Marketing to a Local, Social and Mobile Audience

As owners of our businesses, we have been given an incredible marketing opportunity through the power of social media marketing. It’s no secret that hundreds of millions of people are on social media sites daily – social media is now the highest online engaged-in activity on the Internet recently surpassing email.  After all, Facebook is quickly approaching 1 billion members while many others – Twitter, and YouTube – have several hundred million.

With the growth in social media, many local businesses are now understanding the opportunity of reaching and growing relationships with customers using social media marketing.  Social media marketing is quickly becoming the new “Word of Mouth” marketing for consumers whether they are seeking products or services.  Today’s customers are smarter than ever as they use social media communities to get feedback from their friends and neighbors before buying products or services.  This gives us the perfect opportunity to engage and share about our products and services and how we help our customers. Millions of companies are doing this today with tremendous success – see 9 Social Media Success Stories.

For a business attempting to take on social media marketing, you’ll have an easier time of it if you approach it with the proper attitude. If you have a service-oriented business, remember that your audience is seldom coming to your office or storefront.  Therefore, you will give away a great deal of knowledge to earn trust through social engagement leveraging social media marketing, blogs and communication for activity and engagement.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are great social communities to share this knowledge while blogs are very important as well.

If you sell a product through a storefront, your social media marketing strategy is a bit different.  In fact, you may never even speak to this audience, much less provide them a service.  Instead, they may merely come to your online storefront and purchase the products they need.  An important area of focus here is to make it easy for them to find you and then make it easy for them to buy.  If they happen to come to your physical storefront, the same goes.  Online directories can be very important with Google Places being the recommended start and while this does not normally fit into the social media marketing service offerings for most social media firms, Social180 has seen businesses have great success by focusing much of their attention on their Google Places accounts, thus we provide this service.

It’s important to consider this difference and use it to take a different approach to advertising your business using social media marketing and mobile marketing.  Considering the rapid growth in social media marketing and mobile marketing, all businesses who sell and/or service consumers should have social media communities and a mobile website making it easy for customers to hears about and communicate with them.  In addition, for effective and efficient social media marketing, we also recommend that any service-oriented or retail firm engagement in other mobile marketing practices as well – text messaging and check-in’s on Facebook and Foursquare being two big ones.

If you have a physical storefront, you should be looking to create an impression of your business and try to entice them to come to the physical store (if you have one). While it is definitely advantageous to consider making an online version of your site for ease of purchasing, you want to have the customer come to your physical store as well. This means using social media marketing for creating awareness of your products, brand, content, and expertise – and creating that drive to experience the whole package by going to your store.

Now is a good time to get involved with social media marketing and mobile marketing to determine how to best serve your clients.  Social180 helps businesses develop online and offline communication best practices with clients using social media marketing, mobile marketing, strategic Internet advertising and other strategies to help you win and keep more clients.

To learn more about how we can help your business, connect with us on our social media sites – Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.  XXII is committed to helping local businesses serve local customers in a more effective and efficient manner. Visit our portfolio page to see how we are helping local local contractors, commercial real estate, and many others get found, communicate and grow with branding and content marketing.