Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | April 22, 2013

Optimizing YouTube Videos

Local Marketing with Optimized YouTube Videos

One effective way to reach local consumers is by creating and optimizing YouTube videos.  With YouTube being owned by Google and being a top 3 search engine, YouTube videos have become more and more effective for local companies marketing to local consumers.  So how do you create an optimized YouTube video?

Creating YouTube Videos

First, let’s share some thoughts on creating a YouTube video with your local marketing strategy.  Today’s mobile technology and mobile devices have made easier than ever before to create a YouTube video.  Take for instance a remodeling contractor or landscaping company.  Each of these local contractors provide services that could be easily shared from one of the contractors iPhones by merely uploading 30-60 seconds of video directly to YouTube in a matter of seconds.

These videos sharing your work are a great way to reach local consumers.  However, it is almost impossible to reach local consumers without optimizing and sharing these YouTube videos with your social communities including your friends, families and coworkers.  So let’s discuss some ideas for helping with optimizing YouTube videos.

Optimizing YouTube Videos

Once you have created a video and uploaded it to YouTube, it is important to properly describe it so that interested local consumers will find it.  So start with the Title and Description.  Make sure the title properly reflects what is in the video and in terms local consumers understand.  For instance, if you remodeled a home in Southlake, label it as “Home Remodel in Southlake TX” and describe it with some detail in the description including any links to pictures or other supporting links online.  Then you will want to properly tag the video with words people might search where you would want them to find your video.  In this case, “home remodel” and “home remodel in southlake” might be very good tags.

These are just a couple of tips on creating and optimizing YouTube videos for your local business.  For help with creating and optimizing YouTube videos as part of your local marketing strategy, connect with Social180 via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube or LinkedIn or Call 469-420-0180.