6 Ways to Improve Your Google Rank

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How to Get to the First Page of Google Search Results and Stay There

Tips for Local Businesses Wanting to Improve Your Google Rank

Helping local business owners market and sell their products and services is rewarding, yet can be challenging.  One of the most common requests we receive is ‘can you get us on the first page of Google‘ as most local business owners understand the importance of Google search with 65%+ of the search traffic.  While it seems really simple, we all know the work to get there can take weeks or even months to get to the first page of Google.  In addition, getting there and giving someone a compelling reason to decide to choose your local business over someone else’s can be even more challenging.  So here are some things to consider that should help you get to the first page of Google and convert more new customers.

First, many local business owners understand their customers, yet forget to consider what actions they take when they begin looking for their services.  To get to the first page of Google search for your local business, it is important to think about and document all of the Keywords and Phrases local consumers would use to find you, your products and you services.  For instance, if you are a landscaping contractor in Dallas, you will want to narrow in on the top 25 key phrases your clientele would use to find you.  Some of these might include landscaping contractor in Dallas, landscaping contractors in Dallas and landscaping in Dallas.  For this area of key phrases, there are literally hundreds of variations in the landscape, landscapes, landscapers and landscaping descriptions (several hundred in fact).

Make sure you select the best key phrases that you can stay focused on for the next 12 months in order to own your local marketing for those key phrases.  It is also important to do a decent amount of keyword research around what your competitors are using, what are the most competitive phrases and what the cost of paid ads cost for those phrases (for help here, contact Social180 at 469-420-0180).

Second, create a consistent Business Profile that you will use with all online directories and account creation.  One of the minor errors local marketers often make is inconsistency with the business profile.  Something as simple as ‘suite’ versus ‘ste’ versus ‘#’ for your business suite number can challenge the search engines when they are searching.  If you have your business name as ‘Company Name, LLC’ in Manta but ‘Company Name’ in Yelp, this does not help your search results.  Make sure you have one standard business profile and anyone who helps you list your business or creation accounts online uses it consistently.  It is also important to incorporate your top 2-3 key phrases into your business description if at all possible.

Third, make sure to Build an Awesome Website allowing people to Take Action easily.  Too often, local business owners come to us with the story of spending thousands of dollars on an awesome website that is not converting.  When building a website for local businesses, it is important to determine specifically what action you would like people to take and make it easy for them to do so.  If the action is a telephone call, make sure the telephone number is easy to see and clickable from a mobile device – the top right corner is a popular space.

When building a website, it is also very important these days to make sure it is a mobile website since more and more people are searching with mobile devices.  Mobile websites are very important for local marketing.  You might also consider a blog for your website as blogs tend to be great ways of optimizing with your key phrases and sharing socially.  Lastly, make sure your website is well integrated with your social channels as this helps in many ways.

Fourth, start your Business Listings with online directories like Google Local, Yahoo, Manta, Merchant Circle and Yelp.  If you are a member of your local chamber of commerce, make sure you are properly listed there as well.  Online directory listings can be time-consuming, but are very important for Google search first page ranking for local businesses.

Fifth, Create Content to be used on your website – specifically blogs, videos and images.  The better content you have on your website, the better chance you give yourself of being found when local consumers start searching.  Make sure any blogs, videos or images are well optimized with your key phrases as well, yet do NOT mislead the consumer.  In other words, do not optimize with ‘landscaping in Dallas’ and use an image of an indoor swimming pool.  When people search for ‘landscaping in Dallas’, you know they are looking for outdoor landscaping, so do not mislead them or Google and other search engines might pick up on this and penalize you.

Lastly, is your Social Media communities.  Create, optimize and integrate your social media communities with your website in order to be able to share when new content is created, client reviews are received and contests are running.  The growth in social media over the last 4-5 years has changed how Google and other search engines view and rank.  Since Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest have hundreds of millions of people communicating throughout the week, search engines realize the content in these exchanges is important and incorporates much of this into their search algorithms.

If you need help in any of these areas, Social180 helps local business owners with local marketing and many other services. Connect with us on our social communities in Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or feel free to Call Social180 at 469-420-0180.