6 Steps to Facilitate the Buying Process

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As consumers, we hate to be ‘sold’.  As business owners, we know the importance of ‘getting the sale.’  So how do we help facilitate the process so that everyone wins?  In this article, we describe six steps to help facilitate the buying process.

Cloud CRM Systems for Small Business

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Why Small Businesses are now using Cloud CRM Systems Small business marketing budgets have not historically been able to justify follow up systems with automated processes helping small business owners communicate with customers.  In the last few years, this restriction has changed with Software as a Service (SaaS) also known as cloud-based services.  Today, cloud CRM systems for small business …

Best Small Business CRM

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Customer Relationship Management for Small Business Far too often small businesses get started without much more than notepads, spreadsheets and maybe Quickbooks.  While these basic tools can help for the first year or two, creating an awesome client experience that is repeatable requires a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  Find the best small business CRM system can be a challenge …

Local Marketing with CRM for Small Business

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What makes Local Marketing challenging? When business owners tend to think of “local marketing”, they often think of inbound marketing from advertising which are outbound efforts – spending money to get people to call in.  What is often overlooked is the opportunity to use outbound marketing as an effective means of reaching and growing an audience already familiar with your brand …

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Handling Local Inbound Leads

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How Local Inbound Leads Handled Properly Create Revenue The Importance of Your First Impression with Local Inbound Leads Far too often local business leaders spend their local advertising and marketing budgets only to get a 20% to 40% win ratio for inbound leads (usually calls and web leads).  In other words, five calls generates one to two new clients or one …

Why Ineffective Lead Management Hurts Profitability

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Why Ineffective Lead Management Hurts Profitability The Importance of Lead Management with Marketing Campaigns How Lead Generation Programs Without Effective and Efficient Lead Management Can Hurt More Than Help As consumer buying behaviors and expectations continue to evolve, many local business leaders struggle with lead management systems helping them make sure that every new lead takes a potential client through …

How Social CRM with Mobile Access Helps Grow Loyal Clients

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How Social CRM with Mobile Access Helps Grow Loyal Clients Consumers Expecting Effective Communication from Local Service Providers Now Get It Using Social CRM with Mobile Access Helps Local Service Providers Better Communicate to Gain Loyal Clients As Social CRM has been used throughout large corporations for the last 4-5 years, most local businesses have yet to be able to …

Responding to Web Leads

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Responding to Web Leads How to Convert More Web Leads to Revenue Studies on Responses to Web Leads and Effectively Following Up Since many local businesses continue to struggle with achieving the response times and expectations of local consumers needing their services, we decided to share some of the results from recent surveys to help these local marketers better understand …