Sales | July 12, 2013

Cloud CRM Systems for Small Business

Why Small Businesses are now using Cloud CRM Systems

Small business marketing budgets have not historically been able to justify follow up systems with automated processes helping small business owners communicate with customers.  In the last few years, this restriction has changed with Software as a Service (SaaS) also known as cloud-based services.  Today, cloud CRM systems for small business help business owners duplicate and standardize processes helping them create the client experience they desire for every client.

Where to Start with Selecting Cloud CRM Systems for Small Business

Before selecting a cloud CRM system for any business, the more challenging, yet most necessary exercise involves documenting your processes. These processes are the ones that begin when someone finds your business all the way through what you desire their experience to be throughout the life cycle of serving them.

Start with the initial introduction and plan for every scenario – they found you on the Internet, they were referred by a client or one of your salespeople proactively found them.  For instance, if they found you on the Internet and called your office, what type of follow up email or call from the business owner might you prefer?

After identifying the initial introduction scenarios and mapping out the processes for the ideal client experience, think through to the next couple of encounters your team will have with them and do the same.  Is it valuable for their experience to include an email with links to your photo gallery or blog after a certain stage in the process?  Also, once they reach a project milestone, should they receive a handwritten thank you card or gift basket?  These are the processes you will need to think through before reviewing cloud CRM systems for small business needs.

Now that the ideal processes are mapped out, the selection process begins.  There are cloud CRM systems for small business with affordable cost models.  Most small business owners look for cloud CRM partners with integration and marketing campaign creation and support services.  Whether you choose Zoho, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Highrise, InfusionSoft or any other cloud CRM system on the market, a partner who has implemented and supported cloud CRM systems for small businesses like yours is always helpful.

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