Marketing | August 8, 2016

Destination Nowhere: Where are your Clients Landing?

If you ask three different people what a landing page is, you may get three different answers. One person may say that every page on your site is a landing page, which has some element of truth. Your reader may come to any page on your site. So it’s important that each page is clear, clean, easy to navigate, has all the contact information visitors need, and some type of call to action.

Is your Home Page a Landing Page?

Your home page is your home page, and while people may very well “land” on it, it isn’t the same as a landing page. Typically, a landing page is the page visitors see at after clicking on an advertisement of some kind.

What Does A Landing Page Do?

Landing pages have one sole purpose: they exist to compel the visitor to take some type of action. For this reason, landing pages are best when they are simple and free of distractions. This is not the place for miscellaneous information. If the purpose of your page is to get the visitor to complete an action such as clicking on a link, or submitting their contact information, everything on the page should be geared for that.

There shouldn’t be links to other pages or sites. Content should be engaging and clear, and any photos or graphics should be supporting your claim or otherwise enticing your visitor to take the action. You don’t want visitors to be distracted or spend too much time on the page trying to figure out what they are supposed to do. Otherwise, they may lose interest.

Three Elements of a Winning Landing Page

1. Clean, attractive design. A good design looks good, but it also helps move the reader forward without distracting them.

2. Persuasive Copy. This is the place for powerful, concise copy. It’s best to assign this task to an experienced copywriter who has a proven record for creating copy that converts. Short and sweet, but enough to answer questions and objections.

3. Clear Call to Action. Great copy and design are important, but without a clear and compelling call to action, you’re not going to get the results you need. One thing you may find useful is split-testing. You’ll want to play around with the language as well as the visual appearance of your CTA to see what works for your audience.

Good Landing Pages Are All About Conversion

When it comes to landing pages, it’s often best to have a professional handle this aspect of your inbound marketing. If your page isn’t converting, it may be missing one or more elements it needs to succeed or things may just need some tweaking.

How Are Your Landing Pages?

If you want to create effective landing pages on your website, we can help.