SMS Marketing with Text Messaging Strategies

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Social Media Marketing and SMS Marketing with Text Messaging for Businesses

With the mobile revolution over the last decade where over 87% of people worldwide now have mobile devices and almost all of them text messaging weekly, businesses have been forced to evolve with technology quicker than ever which has opened the door to SMS Marketing with Text Messaging.  The Unified Communications trend continues to grow as methods of communicating with customers continue to vary – voice calls to home phones, office phones, and mobile phones; emails to home addresses and work addresses; faxing still lives in many businesses and homes; and social media continues to evolve as a great method of communicating with customers.  However, one method Social180 has found to help many business in marketing is SMS marketing with text messaging.

While social media marketing has definitely grown and the social media trend shows only upward momentum (see Marketing Charts), many marketers are missing a very important method of communicating with existing prospects and customers with SMS marketing with text messaging.  While social media, email, phone and even fax are important methods of communicating (fax becoming less and less), many of our clients find that SMS marketing and text messaging in general is one of the most effective and less intrusive methods of communicating with customers.

More and more of the population is working now and many people’s schedules are very full throughout the day prohibiting them from taking too many calls and forcing them to respond to emails in the late evenings or early mornings, yet text messaging tends to be a form that people can usually respond to throughout the day – even when in meetings.  In fact, statistics from a national survey conducted in 2011 showed that 96% of SMS text messages were read within minutes and 86% of consumers with mobile devices text at least once per week.  SMS Marketing is growing with the continued growth in text messaging and businesses are learning to use it to help them.

Two areas of SMS Marketing with text messaging your Social180 team sees playing a bigger role in business is 1) following up with interested consumers and 2) scheduling confirming or reminding consumers of sales or service visits.  Since many businesses get inquiries from their websites, making sure the consumer gets a response quickly is important.  Therefore, SMS Marketing and text messaging automation is most often the quickest way.  In addition, once a customer schedules a service visit, often their schedules get pressed and they miss it.  Therefore, text messaging comes in handy for this when you can have an automated text sent reminding the customer the morning of the visit or even an hour before.

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