Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing for Local Businesses

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How to Effectively Use Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing to Gain New Customers

Many business owners often ask if they should use inbound marketing or outbound marketing as though you can only do one of them.  While many people believe it is a one or the other choice, we believe the only choice is to use both inbound marketing and outbound marketing as it is inefficient to only use one. You might be asking why a sales and marketing company (especially a social media marketing company) would advise you not to pay for customers over and over counting on exclusive inbound marketing, so let’s us share some perspective on our experience in working with local business owners to help them leverage inbound marketing with outbound marketing.

First, it is important to know that we believe Inbound Marketing is crucial for local businesses.  Inbound Marketing can be done through many different methods – Internet marketing and advertising, social advertising, and other forms of digital marketing OR print advertising methods like direct mail advertising, newspaper advertising, yellow page advertising, and much more.  As digital marketing continues to grow and print advertising is becoming less effective, most businesses are looking to the Internet to determine where, how and when for Internet marketing and advertising as a major part of their inbound marketing campaigns.

When first beginning to help businesses with inbound marketing (via Internet marketing and advertising), we encourage business owners to learn where their customers hang out before launching their Internet marketing campaign.  For instance, if a business sells to other businesses (Business to Business or B2B), Facebook might not be the best for advertising whereas LinkedIn could be very effective.  In addition, if the offering is one acquired by the CEO of major corporations, you might consider who she/he gets to help find the product or services – worker, executive assistant, friend, family member, etc. – and where this person hangs out.  On the other hand, if you provide HVAC services or plumbing services to home owners, Facebook advertising might be very effective for your Internet marketing and advertising campaign.  In other words, determine where most of your customers are hanging out on the Internet as this is where you should be leveraging your social advertising.

Where we have seen Outbound Marketing used very effectively is with the follow up once you have someone interested.  In other words, drip marketing or nurturing the customer relationship after they have expressed interest is a great form of outbound marketing.  Many ways we help our customers with this form of outbound marketing are with automated emails we help them build and put into their CRM (Customer Relationship Management database) or an auto-responder.  For instance, one of our clients has as many as 10 outbound marketing campaigns going at any point in time for their Internet marketing and social advertising campaigns.  Their sales team’s follow up’s are automated as a form of outbound marketing using email, text messaging, voice messages and phone calls.

While there is much more to inbound marketing and outbound marketing specifically where it relates to your Internet marketing campaign, we believe it is not an either/or but actually both that are important to businesses.  As you consider your advertising campaign and how to use inbound marketing and outbound marketing to help grow your business, feel free to contact Social180 to help at 469-420-0180 and stay connect with us on our social media sites – FacebookYouTube, and Twitter.

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