Get People to Read your Entire Blog Post

In Marketingby Marc

Your blog’s success stems on your ability to deliver content that engages your reader in a positive way.

Pat yourself on the back. You have spent hours writing and rewriting a blog post that you are extremely proud of, and you are anxiously waiting to see it shared all over social media, making you the next internet darling.

Unfortunately, the odds of anyone reading beyond the title and the first paragraph are not in your favor. You might get a few shares, but experts have discovered that the vast amount of blogs that are shared are not even read by the person re-posting it. How can you get more people to actually read your content? What is a blogger to do? Here are some tips that will help you get people to read your blogs in their entirety.

Engage Your Reader

In order to keep your reader engaged, you need to do the following:

Have lots of white space. In school, we were taught that good writing included lots of sentences organized into long, flowing paragraphs. Not so with writing for the internet. Keep your paragraphs short, with only a few sentences.

Get to the point. If you can say what you need to say in two sentences instead of five, do it. The attention span of your average reader is small, and you are competing for their attention with millions of other blogs.

Break It Up

Break up the content with as many useful images, graphs, and bullet points as you can. The majority of readers are only going to skim your blogs for highlights in order to glean the maximum of information in the smallest frame of time possible.

Capture the readers attention with bold print. Think of it as having multiple headlines. People read headlines, and tend to ignore the rest.

Tell a Tale

Studies have shown that simply by beginning your blogs post with a cohesive, narrative style and an actual introduction, will increase the length of time a reader will stay on the same page. It will also increase the amount of people who will actually read the blog post all the way to the end.

Write well. Your blog’s success stems on your ability to deliver content that engages your reader in a positive way. No, you do not need to write a Pulitzer-Prize-winning piece every time you write, but it should have a good flow to it, and be as grammatically correct as possible.

Be true to your own voice. Make sure that every post to your blog sounds like you! A consistent writing style will bring consistency to your blog, in turn being something that your readers can count on from post to post.

Be Organized

Do not start your blogs post with the middle of your story, start it at the beginning. Use the appropriate visual images in conjunction with your writing. Start it at the beginning, and move smoothly and quickly to the end.

The secret to success for your blogs is to have visually stimulating content that people want to read. Keep it simple and to the point, break it up, write it well, and you will suddenly find yourself in possession of an avid readership that will hang on your every word.  Happy blogging!

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