3 Ways to Support Local Business During National Small Business Week

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National Small Business Week – How to Support Local Business Growth

In 1963, President Kennedy signed the Presidential Proclamation for National Small Business Week and it has continued with every President for the last 50 years.  Today we have somewhere between 28 million and 30 million small businesses throughout the United States who create 2 out of every 3 jobs to keep our economy going.  So what can we do to continue to help this growth in our economy and growth in small business?  Here are 3 ways to support local business during National Small Business Week and beyond.

3 Ways to Support Local Business During National Small Business Week

First, the simplest thing we can do is shop local.  This may sound silly to some, yet we all find ourselves sometimes traveling 30 or more miles from time to time to dine out, buy groceries or even hiring businesses from 30 or more miles away when we have the same types of companies in our local neighborhood.  Three useful tools allowing us to find these local service providers or retail shops are Google Local, Mighty Main Street and Papa’s Pros.

Second, we can encourage others to shop local by telling them about local businesses in our neighborhoods.  A couple of ways of doing this online are to give local business reviews and follow and share local business pages in social communities.  For instance, if you use local home contractors in your area, you can review their work online and then share your experience with them through social media communities.

Third, you can proactively share your support for National Small Business Week and small business in general by telling others about it and the importance of small businesses on our economy.  By encouraging the support of this special week officially put in place by President Kennedy 50 years ago, you can encourage others to do these three things as well.