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10 Tips for Better Web Conversion
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Sales success drives your company, and getting results is important. But is your website up to the task? The easiest way to get the sales you need is to have better web conversion. If your visitors just aren’t becoming paying customers, there are several actions that can help.

Design and Usability

Your website has to look good and run efficiently to generate sales. If it doesn’t, you’ll look unprofessional and potential customers will leave. Both of these situations can have a huge negative impact on sales. Here are a few things that can be improved to help you have better web conversion.

1. Current design. If your design hasn’t been updated in a while, it probably shows. A dated look or old content can imply that your company doesn’t care about things like industry trends, innovative techniques, and up-to-date training. Customers could also feel like you just don’t care about them enough to deliver quality products and services. They could even assume you are out of business.

2. Easy-to-use site with intuitive navigation. Customers shouldn’t have to guess where to place an order, request an estimate, or find a service category. If they do, they’ll likely go elsewhere.

3. Mobile responsiveness. Mobile users are becoming a bigger share of the market. Over half of all google searches are on a mobile device, so an unresponsive website can cost you customers.

4. Fix error messages, down time, and slow loading pages. All of these things send the message that your site is not working how it should. People want to go to a website that works, and works quickly. If they have to wait or there are multiple error messages to deal with, expect them to move on.

Increase your Authority and Trustworthiness

Customers want to buy from someone who knows what they are doing, and who can be trusted. Increase your authority and trustworthiness and you will have better web conversion.

5. Avoid errors. Spelling, grammar, and formatting errors get noticed and make it look like you don’t care about quality. Any errors that do occur should be fixed immediately.

6. Look legitimate. Provide a physical address, a photo of your offices, photos and bios of the leaders on your team, and list any professional memberships or accolades you’ve received. Make sure your social media accounts are easy to find. This makes the experience more personal for your customer, which can also help you have better web conversion.

7. Provide proof. Claims you make should be easy to verify. Link to websites or publications where you’ve been featured, and scientific studies or authoritative sites to support claims about your products or services. Videos of your products or services being used can help substantiate your claims as well.

8. Include a TOS and/or privacy policy. Legitimate and trustworthy companies are upfront about their practices and policies. A terms of service page and privacy policy lets customers know they can trust you.

Tweak your Marketing

This is often one of the quickest and easiest ways to have better web conversion. Implement one of these strategies or refine something you already have in place.

9. Add testimonials or reviews. This can be an incredibly effective way to have better web conversion. Your satisfied customers may have had the same problem or concerns as other potential clients, so it’s important to get their perspective on the experience they had with you. Adding video testimonials where you can will give potential customers the opportunity to hear from a past client, and in some cases let you show off the work you did for them.

10. Utilize the sales funnel. Following up on quotes and keeping in touch via social media or e-mail should all be easy to do and will help you have better web conversion. Providing something of value up front, before you ask for the sale, will help cultivate your relationship, and they’ll turn to you when they’re ready to buy.

Even just a few of these changes can make your website more effective and you’ll have better web conversion before you know it!

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