Creative | July 11, 2016

How Long Should Your Branding Process Take?
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What is a brand? And how long does the branding process take? Your brand isn’t just your name and logo, it’s you. This is something not everyone understands, but it’s very important:

  • Your brand is how people feel about you.
  • It’s how you conduct yourself.
  • It’s the customer experience you provide.

Your brand isn’t just about your customers, though, it’s also about how you deal with vendors and competitors, too.

It’s a Continuous Process

The branding process is ongoing and constantly evolving. There isn’t really an end date. Of course, it has to start somewhere. Ideally, you’ll begin consciously building your brand from day one. Even if it isn’t something you’ve focused on in the past, it’s never too late to start evaluating, building and polishing your brand.

A thorough investigation into your values, story, image, reputation and the value you provide is needed. This will help to make sure that what your customers, prospects, vendors, employees and even competitors see and feel is consistent with the brand you are trying to build.

Is Your Story Your Brand?

It’s certainly part of it. Your story can distinguish you from competitors. People love and respond to a good story. But, that story doesn’t mean as much if it doesn’t have a good reputation, or doesn’t care for it’s customers or employees.

As you can see, branding isn’t just about your company image, logo, style or product. It’s a combination of so many things, and it does require constant building and management.

What About Logos And Websites?

Sure, an eye-catching logo that reflects the tone and style of your business is great. A clean, stylish website is also nice. And, it’s important that you ensure that people can expect consistency in logos and design across all elements of your business, including your:

  • Website
  • Social media pages
  • Literature
  • Marketing materials

That stuff isn’t really branding though, it’s more about brand recognition. When you wonder how long does the branding process take, it’s important to realize it takes longer that just building an outside image.

What You Are Really Building Is Trust

When it comes down to it, you are not just trying to build a flashy brand that gets attention; you are building trust and relationships. That should be your number one goal, and the thing you nurture and protect.

How Do You Build A Brand?

If you are just exploring this aspect of your business, it’s a good idea to get help. It isn’t always easy to see how others perceive you, and you may miss things that are important. Enlisting help with your branding process is smart, and it helps ensure you are presenting a cohesive message to anyone who comes across your business.

Build Your Brand

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