What Makes a Good Designer-Client Relationship?

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Whether you’re a graphic designer or a small business owner, the brand you’re helping create takes work. Much of that work comes in the form of communication and collaboration with the team involved. While you want a positive experience, you might be able to think of a time when you worked with someone less than professional. Here are some ideas …

Retargeting and How It Works

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Retargeting is a marketing strategy that helps businesses re-engage previous, current or potential customers who have shown interest in their brand’s product or service.  As one of the most efficient marketing methods keeping an interested person engaged, retargeting draws in a more engaged, pre-qualified audience than most other traditional marketing methods.

3 Reasons Advertising Campaigns Fail

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Running effective advertising campaigns is not easy.  Although simple when done correctly, ad campaigns fail more often than they succeed.  When business owners come to us, one of the primary complaints is often too much marketing budget spent on bad advertising.  In this article, we share 3 reasons advertising campaigns fail more often than not.

Where to Advertise

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Local Advertising Sources Many small business owners struggle with finding the best places to advertise and seeing the returns from their advertising budget.  One of the first questions they often ask is “where do we advertise and how much do we spend?”  And while there is no magic, there is definitely due diligence that can be done to help you …

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Handling Local Inbound Leads

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How Local Inbound Leads Handled Properly Create Revenue The Importance of Your First Impression with Local Inbound Leads Far too often local business leaders spend their local advertising and marketing budgets only to get a 20% to 40% win ratio for inbound leads (usually calls and web leads).  In other words, five calls generates one to two new clients or one …

Local Marketing with Direct Mail

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Local Marketing with Direct Mail How Direct Mail Can Be Effective for Local Marketing Integrating Direct Mail into Your Local Marketing Campaigns When it comes to direct mail marketing to local homeowners, there are a variety of approaches. The two most often used are mass distribution direct mail marketing like ValPak and Money Mailer and strategically targeted direct mail campaigns sent to a more defined audience …

Local Marketing Services

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Types of Local Marketing Services The Evolution of Effective Local Marketing Services How the Internet, Social Media and Mobile Marketing Have Changed Local Marketing While local marketing has evolved over the last 40 or 50 years, it is changing faster than ever with the Internet, social media and mobile marketing becoming critical to the success of any marketing campaign.  Since …

Why Ineffective Lead Management Hurts Profitability

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Why Ineffective Lead Management Hurts Profitability The Importance of Lead Management with Marketing Campaigns How Lead Generation Programs Without Effective and Efficient Lead Management Can Hurt More Than Help As consumer buying behaviors and expectations continue to evolve, many local business leaders struggle with lead management systems helping them make sure that every new lead takes a potential client through …

4 Things Advertising Agencies Tell You That’s Wrong

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The Reasons Advertising Agencies Tell You Repetition is Important Why Most Local Business Owners Spend Too Much on Advertising and What Caused It Since the invention of the advertising industry, advertising agencies have worked hard to program thoughts into the minds of small business owners in an attempt to convince them that they should be spending more on advertising.  The …